Caffeinated Conferencing.

Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Some are productive and meaningful; others drag on, sucking the life, and your workday, out of you. So how do you jolt meetings into high gear? How do you make them more productive? Never fear...DMI Conferencing is here.

DMI Conferencing equips meetings with the power and tools necessary for professional meetings. Tabletops offer built-in Power/Data Centers for easy connectivity. Within seconds, a laptop can be connected and interfaced to a screen or TV display for ultimate conferencing.

Data/Power Centers are installed directly into tabletops, bringing power and data right to where you need it. Eliminate unsightly cords and haphazard cables from the tabletop for a clutter-free presentation area. Installed Data/Power Centers connect easily to wall or floor receptacles and data ports through a wire management system. When not in use, all Centers close and store properly for a smooth, clean tabletop surface.

Want to be the meeting master without a masterful budget? No problem! Choose from several types of Centers to fit your power needs, data requirements, and project budget. Centers are available in Black, Silver Powder coat or Pearl to also fit your design needs.

Call us at DMI or browse our conferencing products to become the presentation guru and bring the buzz into your meetings once again!