Beautiful faces rule.

It’s time to realize beauty reigns supreme. A face of beauty easily paves the road to success. A nice personality and sense of humor may suffice, but a smashing, gorgeous set of veneers will astonish!

At DMI, we put beauty and style at the forefront of our business. Through pioneered, precision-crafted efforts, we transform natural, beautiful wood species into furniture supermodels!

Our authentic, hand applied, sketch face designs turn heads instantly, mesmerizing onlookers with DMI’s allure and artistry. Whether it’s exotic choices in Carpathian Elm, Sapele Pomele and Hard Rock Maple combined with Ebony or Fretted Borders, each casegood collection has it’s own story of glamour and intrigue.

The stunning features of the Antigua Collection’s Marquetry Cherry sketch face top offers parqueted luxury. Or Keeneland’s Reverse Diamond Matched veneers offer undulating elegance. At DMI, we have veneer stylists eager to give your customers an office makeover.

Want a look that’s bold and captivating? Oxmoor’s exquisite Madrone Burl presents a smoky essence with deep wisps of adventure. Or Balmoor’s posh ornamental edging and diamond matched mahogany veneer pose an aristocratic look. All products are in-stock for immediate shipment, and are pre-assembled for easy installation.

Call DMI to schedule an office makeover and put beauty back into your worklife.

Face It